Prototype Rebate Program

Fairlane Gear can assist you in developing prototype gears to your specifications. Please give us a call to discuss these services.

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We can work with your requirements, drawings and sample parts to create a working prototype, or have our engineering expert help you design one from scratch.


Your budget does not allow for high cost pricing on 5 prototype parts, but You or your customer need these prototypes developed in order to produce 500 gears for a new project.

Order the prototypes at whatever delivery you need, then later when you place the large quantity order we will rebate the prototypes for the price difference!*

Say you need 5 gears in 1 week to test the design. The price for those gears at the 1 week production time might be $266.00 ea for a total of $1300.00. A few weeks later the design is proven and you are ready to place an order for 500 pieces at the quantity discount of $27.00 ea.

Discounts Based on Quantity
Qty Price Delivery Qty Price Delivery
20 $135.00 ea 2 weeks 500 $27.00 ea 4 weeks
50 $69.00 ea 2 weeks 1000 $23.90 ea 100/month
100 $48.00 ea 4 weeks 2500 $17.60 ea 100/month
250 $36.90 ea 5 weeks 5000 $9.90 ea 250/month

We will re-price the prototypes at the 500 piece price. Please note that the total rebate is not to exceed 10% of the total discount order quantity amount.

Prototypes $266.00 ea
500 pc price – $27.00 ea
Difference = $239.00 ea
x 5 pcs
Total rebate for this example: = $1195.00
*10% Check: 500 pcs
x $27.00 ea
= $13,500.00
x .10
Max rebate for this example = $1350.00

$1195.00 rebate does not exceed the $1350.00 allowable for this example. You would receive the full $1195.00 for these prototypes.

You get 5 prototypes at the 1 week production time option, for the 500 piece price of $27.00 each. Call us today to find out how we can make your projects run smoother and at a better end cost when you single source your prototype to production through us.

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